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Information Technology is a fast growing industry. So new architecture and multiplying software platforms are forcing the application development to undergo a massive sea change in existing technologies and yet the pressure of building a robust & agile application is growing continuously.

The technical skill factor has no longer remained the guarantee to primary success and hence collaboration, accountability, compliance, portfolio and resource management are all becoming key factors of the new Application Development Team. If you are looking for website design for various product from different field like mechanical industry, e-commerce, software or any other then you are at the right place.

Auto Smart

Designed specially for Automobile Parts Seller in Urban and Non Urban Areas of India. This software has data filled for numerous spare parts from auto mobile industry. Auto Smart is mainly developed for Two Wheeler Auto mobile retailers. This Software generate reports purchases, daily, weekly, monthly sales, stock and out of stock for materials etc. Auto Smart is easy to use product for retailers


  • Easy to Use
  • Data Entry already completed
  • Ready to use
  • Sales Report
  • Stock and Purchase Report
  • Notifications

Invoice – Invoice and Inventory Management System

Invoice is product for online invoice and inventory management system. Invoice management helps to create customized invoices. Easy to prepare invoices to save the time. Keeps track for variety of products and its stock using inventory management for Merchants, Retailers. Sales and Purchase for products are also included in Inventory Management.


  • Easy to Use
  • Data is always online
  • No need to take backup

Office – Paperless Office Management

Office is superb customised product for offices which are having different work locations/ branches. Admin can allocate different projects to team from head offices and then projects will be break down further as per tasks by Project Manager. Project Manager assigns numerous tasks to Supervisor. Supervisor gets the work done from his team and update status for assigned tasks using Android app.


  • Easy Project allocation to team.
  • Online System.
  • Reports for Higher Management.
  • Graphs.

ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning

Some of the most common ERP modules include those for product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and HR.


  • Manage human resources and payroll
  • Reduce redundant tasks
  • Accounting and financial applications

Hotel Management System

The objective is to computerize the system of the hotel. “Hotel Management” reduces the extensive paper work in the present system. It will make the system more versatile and user friendly. It also calculates the proper billing slip of high level and middle level customers.


  • Generating proper bill slip.
  • Room booking/Lodging.
  • Food Service.
  • Luxury amenities.
  • Room service and clothes pressing staff.
  • Medical Services.

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management Software has winds up plainly one of the best administration software that consolidates clinical records, stock purchase, Daily Billing record, and patient/doctor records etc. A hospital software is comprised of modules specially designed to address exclusive functional needs in miscellaneous departments. A perfect HMS consists of a sound patient management system addressing vital functions right from registration and admission to discharge and billing.

It helps the hospital in reducing operating costs and increasing ROI by:

  • Reduction / Elimination of duplicate work.
  • Improved flow of information that enables faster decision-making.
  • Increasing productivity.


  • Easy access to doctors data to generate varied records.
  • It helps as a decision support system for the hospital authorities for developing comprehensive health care policies.
  • Efficient and accurate administration of finance, diet of patient, engineering, and distribution of medical aid.
  • Improved monitoring of drug usage, and study of effectiveness.
  • Easy to use and eliminates error caused by handwriting.
  • It helps to view a broad picture of hospital growth.

GST Billing Software

Simple GST Invoicing Application and Reports for Business. Make GST compliant invoices, bill of supply, quote, etc. Application will do all the work for you, From calculating to formatting and printing. It allows you to create unlimited purchase orders that you can easily turn to bills as needed.


  • Create and print invoices.
  • Create Estimates.
  • GST Tax Calculation.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Quick and detailed reports.

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management is futuristic web based software to manage visitors at office. It does away with the obsolete pen and paper system of gathering visitor information and brings in a professional approach to visitor management. No more scribbling in the visitor book, issuing used badges, calling the employee to inform of the visitor’s arrival, unattended visitors in crowded reception areas and most importantly, worrying about security issues.


  • Check-in and Check-out management.
  • Take photos of your visitors to help you identify them.
  • Accept food deliveries and Laundry.
  • Information Security.
  • The last key set of benefits revolves around a company’s brand image.

Payroll Software

Payroll is the process by which employers pay an employee for the work they have completed. Payroll duties can create a huge burden and unwanted stress for small business owners. A missed deadline or incorrect filing of taxes can result in fines or jail time. To avoid these issues, small and middle-sized businesses can benefit from using payroll systems. Experts say organizations that use payroll software reduce cycle times and manual errors.


  • Automatically calculating withholdings or deductions.
  • Processing direct deposits.
  • Expense management.
  • Time and Attendance tracking.
  • Leaves management.

Car Rental Software

Car Rental Software is a unique and innovative product. With the help of a car rental website and Car Rental Software you can maximize the revenue by increasing your reach to customers. By offering highly-customizable Car booking system and software, your customers will be able to get estimate quotes, see estimated fare summary and make Car online reservations from your website, with just a few clicks. Easy Reservation process with instant fare calculation as per date and time range with vehicle availability information. Your customer can make online payment by clicking in booking request slip – “PAY NOW” link from his/her email.


  • Web Based Car Rental Software & Mobile Apps.
  • Fleet Management System.
  • Advanced Search Options.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Manage Bookings.
  • Driver Location Management.
  • Group Booking.
  • Billing & Invoicing.
  • Reports.
  • Email-SMS-Reminder.

Laundry Management Software

The Laundry Management Application is a very simple and Online Services with mobile and computer friendly themes development. Apart from the basic operations of cleaning and maintenance of the washing devices, there is too much else to cater as well, especially when there is massive competition going around. This is the best Software when it comes to the promotional operations, management, administration, visitor’s log and inventory control.


  • Admin Management.
  • Employee Management.
  • Customer Management.
  • Account Management.
  • Multiple Admin and Users Access Models.
  • Cloth Service Management.
  • Report Management (pdf, xls).
  • Invoice Management ( Pdf ).
  • Google Map Integration.
  • World Currency Support.
  • World Time Zone Support.
  • Online Payment.

Other Products

  • eSociety – sms Based Society Maintenance Collection System.
  • SMS based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Help Desk System.
  • Accounting System.
  • Shopping Cart.
  • Task Management System.
  • Mechanical Inspection Software System.
  • Child Education Software System.
  • Vendor Inspection Software System.
  • Water Purifier Management Software System.
  • Medical Software System.
  • Gym Management Software System.
  • Hotel Management System.
  • MCQ Management System.
  • Car Rental System.

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